Nelly the Elephant!!

D&M_02fire D&M_03fire D&M_04fire

In mid August I was invited to do an Elephant painting in 25 minutes for an event at our church at Ashley Baptist called “Holiday at Home”. 55 people were treated to an imaginary journey up the east coast of Africa and had lots of associated activities as if they were on a cruise and I was one of the entertainments!  So the 25 minutes job is the one at the top. I was then asked if I could finish it on the Sunday as part of the service. So I added to the top one and created the middle one in preparation and the last one is what resulted in the 5 minutes!!! The top and middle are based on a South African elephant and then its changed into my more familiar Zambian one at the bottom. It will be put up for auction on the 6th September to support a team who are going to Moldova to help educate and instruct in a number of skills. The talk I gave was on 2Cor5vs 17 “If anyone is in Christ he is a new creation” where God looks on the heart whilst man looks on the outward appearance.

Just to say that in 10 minutes the auction raised £220 as we not only sold this big version but also sold the draft as well and a turned bowl…thanks to all who supported the event!


4 thoughts on “Nelly the Elephant!!

  1. I came across Dave 3 years ago. Loved his work and am lucky to have two portraits hanging on my wall. If you have the opportunity to see his work, don’t hesitate, go.


  2. Congratulations , pleased the auction was a success. Hope the purchaser gets as much pleasure looking at the elephant as I do the portraits hanging on my wall.


    • The eventual purchaser had given me a minimum and maximum bid because he was going to be overseas at the time of the auction, but made it back in time, entered a bidding frenzy which actually exceeded his maximum, so good job he got back. I spoke to his wife the following day who he bought it for as a surprise and she loves it!! Result!!


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