Crufts 2015

Benji 026fireThe Complete Set  006firea

2015_05firesmlbeach 007fire

Just a few of the new(ish) paintings I had on show at Crufts 2015. I sold more paintings and received more commissions than I have ever done before so it was a great show for me. Thanks to all of you who came to visit and say hello!


2 thoughts on “Crufts 2015

  1. Great display at Crufts, particularly liked the three poodles, but I am biased, they just happen to be mine!

    When do we get to see the painting we couldn’t see as it was/is a surprise?

    Pleased Crufts 2015 was such a success for you.


  2. I recently met up with Dave to collect the painting of my girls on the beach. Liked it even more when it was in natural light (as opposed to the lighting in Crufts). Better still now I have it home. Although only home a couple of days it’s already had a few wows and am sure there will be many more.

    As Dave knows, I love his work, the portraits of the girls are superb and the painting above of the girls jumping the groyne is very special, a favourite holiday beach (which happens to be close to where Dave lives) which will always be Millys beach to me, where we have spent many happy hours.

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