SAA Artist of the Year 2015

miniseas 004fire where streams of living water flow 001fire

Whilst I was at Crufts I had 2 emails from the SAA (society of all artists – I am Professional Associate) to say thanks for entering their competition but my entries hadn’t been successful. Ahh, sad…. so I sold the paintings…yeh!! Get home and there are two envelopes from the SAA saying “congratulations,,your two paintings Mini Seas 004 and Where streams of Living Water Flow (see above) have got through to the viewing stage, please send them to us by 17th April, etc,etc” so after a period of intense reproduction, they were dispatched today!! We eagerly watch this space, never had this opportunity before.


2 thoughts on “SAA Artist of the Year 2015

  1. Last week I was fortunate to see the above, they look great on here but in my opinion, where streams of living water flow (waterfall) was even better in real life so to speak.

    Wishing you all the very best in the final leg of the competition in London.


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