Kickstarter Project

Springer 2 Lfire

For all those who might be interested in learning more about painting pet portraits I am about to sign a contract with Search Press to write what I think will be my final book which will be called “Painting Dog Portraits the Professional Way” publish date is already set October 2018. The whole idea is to pass on all the lessons I have learned over the last 12 years or so to a new generation who might want to just paint a painting of their dog, or someone else’s dog as a present or even it make a living out of it and its all in Acrylics! But to make this book happen I have had to commit to a number of books which for me is quite a large number (I’m not as young as I used to be so time is running out to be able to sell them!). So I have launched a Kickstarter project to try and pre-sell as many of those books as I can. I can’t see Amazon or whoever getting down to the price I am setting them at, so this is a real bargain! But the offer only lasts 30 days (closes 2nd April) so if you are interested or if you know anybody who might be interested please support and/or feel free to share. There are also some Skype lessons available but limited in number. 

I would value your support of this project











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