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I’m Dave White and I am now a full time, professional artist. In 2004 I made a fundamental change in career direction from being in finance for all my working life, to being an artist. What that involves is painting peoples animals as commissions, demonstrating to art societies, leading my own art groups and workshops, writing books teaching people how to do what I do and then getting to meet a huge amount of people!!

I believe as created beings that we all have creative gifts, its just that we don’t always get the time and encouragement to discover and develop what they are. My main gift is communication through painting, using acrylics. In my new role, the vast majority of people I meet have a full time job which isn’t so satisfying and they want to know how to make a living from the thing they love. My starting answer would be for you to lay your plans before the Lord and he will direct your paths, that’s his promise! Secondly my books are designed to guide students how to improve the quality of their work in order to sell it and my latest book “Painting Dog Portraits in Acrylics” was specifically designed to show how to manage a commissioning artist business. If you’d like to comment on anything on my website then please use the contact forms below.

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