The last 9 months since Crufts 2016 have been a joyful journey of acrylic experimentation, from researching some real places like the Avon and Meadowlands of Salisbury and constructing a scene, to just using colour to lift one of my familiar places in the Rhinefield enclosure. I guess this was the year I immersed myself in painting and started to really understand how to meet the needs of the people I paint for.


Crufts 2016 (2)

AMen 020fire

All Girls

So all in one house, all girls and now all on one canvas! This painting was a show stopper at the show. Thank you Julia for the privilege of painting your dogs!


A 011fire

Red and White Setters

If you visit the Discovering Dogs stand for Red Setters you are most likely to meet one of these guys. A supposedly threatened breed, I saw more Red and Whites at this years show than any other even though there were apparently less entries. I think it might be that the judging was on later than usual and so the owners got round a bit more and judging by the reaction certainly appreciation seeing these guys. 40 x 30″ acrylic on canvas.

Tilly 005fire


Tilly is a liver roan Spaniel who was a little fluffier than this when I met her, but a little artistic license reduces the coat!

Sea and Sky in Acrylics

I was really pleased to find out that my publisher Search Press had sold out of my book! That’s a good thing in 4 months! However, I then realised I am down to my last box and I need more too and that’s not a good thing! But what is an excellent thing is the reviews and comments that the book has received, I am really humbled (and a bit relieved!) Have a look at Amazon to read more.

!Sea&Sky Cover (small file)

Leisure Painter Article


Today I had my first ever article published by the UK’s leading art magazine “Leisure Painter!! This happened because of “Sea and Sky in Acrylics” which Leisure Painter kindly promoted and then asked would you do us an article, which has turned into 3!!

Coming Workshops at the Rhinefield House Hotel

As part of the launch of the new book I am including two half day workshops at the Rhinefield House Hotel.

The first is the “Sea and Sky in Acrylics” on Monday the 21st September from 12.30 to 17.30 and will include how to paint the sky, clouds, beaches and the sea. Its an opportunity for beginners in Acrylics to get to understand the media and be equipped with the basic knowledge of how to create a seascape.


The second is my first ever in how to paint Sunsets on Monday the 19th October from 12.30 – 17.30. Sunsets features heavily in the new book “Sea and Sky in Acrylics” but this workshop will take the subject further and will focus on paint applications, colours and glazing.

Red Sky at Night - Old Harryfire

To join these workshops please contact Katie on 01590 625623, or email her on Places are limited so book early!!